Talk To Me:


On Physical Interaction, Digital Displays, and MoMa

Physical interaction requires moving matter, at heart.   Something has to transition through positions.  This could be your hand waving in front of a sensor, or a shoe riser lifting from low to high, or something you can wear or touch.  Something that responds to facial expressions, physical changes like heartbeats, etc.  Good physical interaction relates directly to the motion, for instance your facial expression provokes a change in the image in front of you.  A prayer rug which responds to an embedded compass  by glowing – while not intrinsic to the function of a prayer rug, it provides a useful service (in addition to being quite beautiful).

Some exhibits did not require movement, but passively transmitted data.  instead mapped general concepts (like an artistic overlay of a city) or simply displayed video (like a video of anthropomorphized random city objects).  Your presence was not required and had no effect on the pieces, but they still fascinated me.  I loved the video, in particular, for decontextualizing the very personal audio with impersonal video.


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