Comm Lab: Video and Sound

Shooting footage for our unnamed surrealist comedy film. We got a late start with filming due to the illness spreading throughout campus. Both I and Atif were still recovering during this shoot. Deqing took his first steps on the path to stardom by volunteering to be our protagonist. The rest of us appear partially.

Though major productions often film out of order, we found it easier to film most scenes in the order of our storyboards. Since we were still figuring out the plot, we wanted to start with the part we felt most solid on. Scene 1: The Alarm Clock

Shot in Atif’s apartment. Large windows gave us great light in the bedroom.

Deqing hauled a lot of equipment down from campus so we had a strong light to use in the livingroom/kitchen. We just adjusted the white balance for the bathroom scenes. Once we went wholeheartedly for comedy the piece really started to come together.


Some things I learned about filming:
Everything takes 6 times longer than you expect.
Matching light from different times of day is very difficult.
Getting a good angle may require contortion (thank you Atif). A good pan-handler is hard to find (thank you Atif and Michael).
Creativity flows well in groups. It is a very good idea to have someone directing the actor and someone separate assisting the camera.
Deqing is the most patient and calm lead actor in history.
Continuity is important; don’t move room accessories around until you are certain you will not be filming in that room again. Seriously.
Storyboards, like the Pirate Code, aren’t so much rules…they’re more like guidelines.
Audio is really hard. Silent films are a good idea for early film practice.


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