ICM work has been uploaded to my Fetch folders but I want to document the work process here, so I am posting the first several links to catch up. Though it is technically Week 7 right now, Monday classes are behind other sections because of Labor Day and Columbus Day holidays.

Week 1
My first sketch ever. Took much longer than expected. Spent much of that time playing with the antennae arcs, trying to figure out how the arc function works. The rest is simply ellipses and lines.
I remembered, while writing the code, how important it is to comment (document) each section of code, as no matter how obvious it seems, when you go back tiny worms will have eaten the information from your brain and it will all look like gibberish.

Week 2
My first interactive sketch. As the droplet falls, its color will change depending on which side of the window your mouse is on. I was happy to realize that programming loops now made sense, as opposed to my previous attempts at learning code (in C++ and Java).

Week 3
A more interactive sketch. It will spawn randomly placed and sized pink ellipses, until you hold down the mouse button. Then it will form green spheres, but only below and to the right of the mouse location.
My first attempt at this week’s homework was unsatisfying, as I was obsessed with making an image spin without using pushMatrix(), rotate(), popMatrix(). While E. Perksy eventually helped me work out the math, it just wasn’t worth the effort in the end. Instead I made this bubbling piece.

Week 4
Remember that other droplet program? This is quite similar, with the same mouseX dependance.
The assignment was to redo earlier code to be properly object-oriented. Thus, the above should appear nearly identical to the original (I made a small improvement to the dripping effect) but the code is much cleaner.

Week 5
Clean object-oriented code. Use the arrow keys to move the line around the window. This gets us more comfortable with classes and writing new functions.


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