Media Contollers and multiple sensors

My PCOMP group (Michael Uzzi, Ananya Mukherjee) will be using a combination accelerometer and gyroscope in our media controller. Imagine the guts of a modern video game controller, the chip we have measures the same kinds of movement.

We’ll be using at least 5 inputs, for our media synthesizer. These are X, Y, Z accel and X, Y gyro data. It might be interesting to track the temperature as well. After an initial setback, we got consistent data streaming in. Code:

Now we have to figure out how the music synthesizer should react to this data.

Lab notes:
The data sheets for each sensor did not prepare us for the actual chip, which looked completely different from the manufacturer diagrams. The chip actually has 13 primary connection points.

We did not have ribbon cable or 9 separate colors on hand so I labeled each wire with tape. In the future I would prefer to use ribbon cable. Some suggestions were also to cut apart telephone or CAT5 cables.

Soldering everything neatly took several hours. Because none of us had soldered pins to a chip before, there was a bit of a learning curve. I was worried about burning the traces and metal rings around the holes, so our first attempt ended up mainly as blobs of solder around the tips of the header pins.

Jackson happened to sitting across from us and explained that this soldering was the reason our data was so poor. So I carefully redid them all. No more loose connections! Then we plugged everything back into the Uno. We used the 3.3V power and connected power and ground to the breadboard, but then plugged the wires directly into the analog inputs (A1 – A5).

This was altogether a complicated version of the assigned lab for multiple sensor input, and I am happy it came together.


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