Processing: Final project proposal

I’ve been wanting to explore the video mirror more, but I also want to make an interesting data visualization.

My first idea was to make a universe with multiple galaxies representing different webpages, which spin faster depending on how many page-views a specific page is getting. A varient on this was a field that would sprout flowers depending on how many comments an article received – and using word parsing, color the flowers for however positive or negative the comments were.

My second idea was a video mirror that slowly filled in the colors like water color, then if you stayed still the colors would “drip” down the screen.

My third idea was The Beardinator. It uses the video mirror to draw a beard on the viewer, using some form of recognition for where the chin is. The beard gets more grizzled the more times the words “need sleep” are found on their blog.

My fourth idea was a tunnel planning system for small pets, when complete you could choose a pet and watch it “run” through the tunnels with some simple animation.

I’m really not sure what I want to pursue. We only have two weeks to work on this though.


Class preference: The Beardinator!

Staged deliverables:
0. video mirror
1. face recognition
2. particle field around chin
3. key-press extends particles to lines
4. evolve key-press to interactive element

Beyond scope of this project:
5. hair color matching – auto or with color picker
6. multiple beard styles
7. able to turn head and see beard in profile view
8. a way to shave :)


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