PComp: A retrospective

Here is media from the various labs, in order:

Make the light blink. Then do something cool with it.
SOS blinking LED

Analog input, via potentiometer…
Potentiometer at full for input and PWM for LED output
…and pressure sensor.
Pressure sensor

Electronics lab (just the push-button – a billion videos of me with a multimeter seemed unnecessary)

Stupid pet trick part 1: Just the conductive switch
Foil circuit

Servo motors: Move the motor via analog input…
Servo and pressure sensor

…then make it do work

And try a different form of pulse-width modulation (PWM) with sound output
Sound out

Stupid pet trick part 2 – Butcher, the Game!
Butcher Game

Exposed foil

Serial output

Photoresistor readings while moving hand over photo cell

Multiple serial out
Accelerometer test

Transistor and H-Bridge – on a classmate’s site, will find link

Final: Media controller
Sound sphere

It was a huge progression for me in terms of understanding how things go together and how to debug them when they break. I especially loved relearning to solder. And I’m so proud of my group’s Sound Sphere. It’s a party in a sphere! Live mixing tracks like it’s the simplest thing in the world.
So much fun! (when it works)


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