55-word short story

We followed all the protocols when we accepted their surrender. Gave them a lovely reserve only 93 lightyears away. But they wouldn’t go peacefully. As soon as we got them off the ships, they screamed and attacked. So it wasn’t a perfect replica of their old world. The differences were trivial!

Humans breathe chlorine, right?


This story was inspired partly by Asimov’s short stories, plus a few of my other favorite authors. It also follows the principle that history is written by the victors. I wanted to write something that implied the dangers of telling a “single story”. If any humans had survived to voice contradictions, they probably would have been repressed in the interest of saving face.

I also love the simplicity required by these short-shorts. The story has to be clear in your head, to pare down to essentials. It’s a good place to try out ideas. Or to put stories that start out tiny – maybe it will grow, maybe not.

I also tried a few 6-word stories. It ain’t Hemmingway, but it’s still fun!

He spoke, she laughed, he fled

Laptop stolen, no backups. Recovery impossible

Current events:
Not saying it was aliens, but…


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