Things that would be cool

Storing energy in superconducting magnets/kinetic motors instead of batteries

Solar sails for window shades – possibly with controllable light permission? Solar fabric on shade umbrellas?

Prettier solar panels on light poles – curve around the pole, small gas-filled pistons to control elevation. (pistons = solar thermal, no electricity)

Designers – help us make prettier solar panels!
Vary the color of the cells, of the supports
Cover the battery and support structures
Curves, custom shapes
More organic and customizable

More fiberoptics? More mirrors? Embedded fiberoptics in building walls?

Cool things with fiberoptics:
Light towers
Light snakes/vines
Fiberoptics are a series of tubes! ;)

Cool things with solar-thermal:
Molten salts + mirror arrays (store, or use steam turbines)

Remember: don’t overconvert!
Have light, want light? Have heat, want heat? Don’t convert


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