Nature of Code final: Documentation

Under the Sea: Coral Cuties

A top-down view of “coral” in the sea. Small bits of food drift over the coral and get snared for later digestion. Users can simulate random ocean currents knocking particles off the coral by clicking the mouse. Space saves an image. Uses toxiclibs and VerletPhysics2D to control attraction forces, springs.

Original voronoi code:

With particle system:

Particle system over time (clustering over coral centers):

Code available via Dropbox. Voronoi code via L. Paul Chew and Karsten Schmidt

Thoughts and Future directions:
I wanted to make a top-down view of a small interactive coral reef. I had big plans, not all of which I managed to achieve. Primarily I wanted to create tiny coral fractals on springs on a spline curve around the main coral center, where the springs would retract when particles passed by them. The curve and fanning fractal tendrils would better resemble the christmas tree worm, which lives in tubes inside coral and feeds on small particles.

The Christmas Tree Worm

In a perfect world, I would also learn OpenNI and Kinect, and place a screen and a kinect below a water tank so that players could reach down into the tank and cause the particles to swirl around or the worms to retract (an extension of work by previous students of this class)
I spent most of my time instead really driving home certain OOP principles and learning how to use VerletSprings. I plan to continue working on this over the summer, because I am entirely unsatisfied with what I submitted for this final.


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