We got the most adorable tiny microscopes in class. They are at most 30x and have a little LED attachment. You can slide the lens apparatus back and forth in its case in order to “zoom” or retract. It is quite simple, basically a magnifying glass with a few extra lens elements.

Sample images:

Taken with camera phone

Camera phone with microscope –

Camera phone with microscope

If I ever buy a nice USB microscope with a stand, so that I can adjust the zoom without disturbing the camera or sample, I want to do image stacking and get a 3D image that is perfectly focused in every plane.

But until then, I am going to attempt a large photo-stitch landscape with the micro-microscope. I’ll need to glue the microscope to a stable mount, and then find a phone mount to use on a tripod. Then I’ll put the thing I am interested in (maybe a circuit board?) on a long piece of paper and slowly slide it sideways for each shot. Wish me luck!


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