Digital Reset: Panoramas

Apples from the Garden of Eden

One of my favorite locations to shoot is at a grocery store. So many wonderful colors. I merged 12 shots using Photoshop to make this panorama, then cropped it. Below is the uncropped version:

The auto-merge in Ai is truly impressive. I tried aligning everything on my own for awhile, but the results from Photoshop are so clearly superior I just stopped halfway through. I forgot to color balance with the grey card before I started, but the variations were so minor that the photo merge blend basically erased them. Some of the whites are a bit blown out, which is a pity, but the foreground objects look good.

Here was an attempt to correct for the inevitable distortion caused by rotating a camera on a ball-joint tripod. Cropped and slightly distorted at the edges. I think it looks good, but I prefer the longer panorama at the top.

Correcting distortion by introducing more distortion


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