Life post-ITP

My favorite place in ITP was the shop.  I felt like I could make anything there.  Every scrap of material was full of potential.  So after graduation, I set out to find a new Happy Place.  Which is why now I am volunteering with the preparators in the exhibition department at the American Museum of Natural History.  You know, only one of the greatest museums in the world.  NBD.

ITP had to fit a workshop into the space of a studio apartment.  AMNH has a shop big enough for a whale.  It is fantastic.  The shop is currently focused on creating the new temporary exhibit coming in November, POISON.  Among other things, they need about 3000 custom-made leaves.  So that’s been keeping me busy.  It is a good way to occupy myself while I am looking into ways I can bring 3D printing to educational settings.  Maybe even to the museum!

Tom!The finished productpoison


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