Maker Faire!

Build Explore Learn Create Make

These are the tenets on which the Maker Faire is founded

Adrian and I attended the Maker Faire today at the NY Hall of Science in Flushing.  Hooray!  Today I volunteered with the American Museum of Natural History booth as an Explainer for the 3D printers.  We had a row of Makerbot 2 printing dinosaur bones all day, and a build space where you could glue together the bones and make your very own Allosaurus claw to take home.  Where did we get these wonderful skeletons?  Why, we stitched together photos of the giant dinosaurs that grace the entry of the museum.  That was part of a summer program developed by the Youth Initiatives group in the museum’s Digital Learning department.  The AMNH booth also offered games such as assembling a dinosaur skull or dino trivia.  It was really fun.

After I finished my shift at the museum booth, I wandered around the fairgrounds.  There were a LOT of projects designed for very young kids, as young as 5 and 6.  Things I wish I could have played with when I was little.  Snap-together electronics and improvised drawing machines and so much more.  With the sun and the wind kicking up dust I didn’t explore the entire show, but I have time tomorrow.  I want to stop by every booth that is connected to ITP somehow.  ITP brought the Nerdy Derby last year and it is now being sponsored by KiX.  We also brought a new piece “Ohm Wrestling” that demonstrates resistance (measured in Ohms) vs physical force.  That project was spearheaded by Hannah Mishin, a talented 2nd year at ITP.  I look forward to seeing her thesis next spring, that’s for sure.  And of course Matt Richardson was there extolling the virtues of the Raspberry Pi.  And even more!

Tomorrow I plan to finish exploring the outdoor areas and then see what is set up in the museum.  I look forward to another wonderful day!


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