Experiments for the week

The cold, dry air wreaks havoc on my skin, so I decided to experiment with my own skin treatment.  The balm I made is a chapstick consistency which melts to a liquid at body temp.  Absorbs slowly but leaves skin feeling soft for hours.

Buttery goodness


In a foil-lined pot over medium heat, melt:

1 oz pure cocoa butter

1 tbs extra virgin coconut oil

1 tsp Vit E in safflower oil

optional: 10 drops essential aroma oil

To make a massage candle, add 1 tbs beeswax/soy wax pellets. Pour mixture into container, tie wick to a string over the container, and let solidify.  (Now testing to see if the wax is really necessary)

Instead of wax, I added 1 tsp pure glycerin to retain moisture and keep mixture more spreadable.  Not sure if it worked.  Cocoa butter was the primary ingredient and the entire mixture resolidified over 3 days until it was nearly as hard as the pure cocoa stick.  When kept in a warm room, it acts as a thick paste.  In a colder room it is very solid.  It melts quickly with body heat and massages in well.  Excellent for cuticles.


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