Puzzle Pieces

I love open-ended building blocks, and I always wanted to create my own.  One of my favorite projects on the laser cutter was to make a set of infinitely recombinable puzzle pieces.  At first I planned to make a 2D tessellating set, with simple shapes. Then I realized I could cut pieces to the width of the acrylic and make a snap-together 3D set. Here is the progression of the project, and what I learned.


The 2D pieces did not snap together as well as I wanted.  They remained loose because I failed to consider the kerf of the laser cuts.  A solution might be to add tiny bulges or “notches” along each slot.

20141020_143617 20141020_143556

Next I made all the notches 1/8″ to match the width of the acrylic. This batch was okay, but I realized I could just use all slots instead of slots and tabs and have twice as much slot-together area.


I liked the all slot pieces, but having sharp edges seemed potentially dangerous for kids.  So the next iteration got rounded corners.


Then I expanded the available shapes to small connector pieces and larger hexes.  The small connectors could also be cut out of the center of the hexes.


Final set of puzzle pieces – successful snap together sculptures!


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