Things I learned today

When using Cura, I’ve had prints that I wanted to nest inside each other. Cura does not like this, not one bit. But it turns out you can disable the bit that pushes objects away from each other by turning off pushFree in util/

I would verify this, except I was on a work computer where I did not have admin privileges, so no mods allowed. Bwomp bwomp. I’ll try it soon on my home workstation.

In this case I had a prenested file of an e-NABLE hand that I wanted to scale up, but the larger file would not fit on the platform. Separating the scaled up stl exploded all the nested parts all over the place. So then I learned that you can cut up a file in netfabb. I thought all the cutting functions were for netfabb pro only so I hadn’t really looked. But netfabb basic has a simple across-the-axis cut function that you can use! So I sliced apart my nested chunks, exported them, scaled them up in Cura, and moved them around on the platform so that they fit this time. Hooray!

I also printed out a zoetrope for us to try on our automata crank boxes. Because MakerLadyLauren is awesome and wanted to research zoetropes today.

In other CAD news, I started going through the Autodesk Inventor tutorials, and it was fun instead of frustrating this time! I have finally learned to stop fighting and love the ribbon.


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