Running Cura on Ubuntu

A month ago, the museum’s beloved Printrbot Simple Metal suffered a fatal crash. By which I mean it literally crashed on the concrete floor. Being the caring and nurturing person that I am, I ripped open its body and corrected it with my doctoring mallet.

So after the repairs and replacement of the shattered coupler I brought it home for some R&R. Only when I tried to hook it up to my Macbooks, it disappeared! On a Windows machine, sometimes you need to install the Teensyduino serial driver to talk to the Printrbot’s board via serial port. But on a Mac, it’s just supposed to work. Assuming you have Cura 15.04 and python 2.7.3 installed, which I do. Apparently Mac OS 10.6.8 just does not play well with Cura. Or Repetier Host.

Instead, I installed Ubuntu Linux on a ThinkPad T420 and put Cura on that. And lo, it did look upon the Teensy, and see that it was there. But! I still couldn’t connect, it kept throwing errors. I checked Terminal with ls -ld  /dev/ttyACM0 and it showed attempted dialout. The error log said Permission Denied to access serial port. I’m now 10 minutes into Linux so I didn’t realize read/write permissions wouldn’t be automatically available to the primary user account for everything. It turns out I wasn’t in the dialout group.


sudo vi /etc/group

Locate dialout group

Add username

Exit vi (command :wq)

Logout and restart

Opened Cura again, hit print, and bingo! Connection achieved. After I set Machine settings to Port: /dev/ttyACM0 and Baudrate: AUTO

And now we are printing an Ultimaker robot, woo!  Good job, Printrbot! We missed you!

So now that we’re back, I’ll make sure your leadscrew isn’t damaged from the all and then you go back to the museum with all your new Ultimaker friends.


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